Make all types of Automotive Hoses… Instantly!

Imagine saying yes to every automotive tube and hose inquiry, including all brake and clutch hoses. Join BrakeQuip’s international network of parts suppliers to give you an edge over your competition and add another profit source to your business.

Become a leading manufacturer of automotive hoses made to order while your customers wait. You are fully supported with all the fittings, hose, tube, supplies, and marketing materials needed to make your business the place to shop. You are provided with complete technical support and training to meet any customer need. Your customers will return with confidence that you have what they need.

Programs include rubber and braided brake hose, metal tube, fuel line, and power steering hoses, as well as a line of specialized tools developed by BrakeQuip with the automotive professional in mind. All of this to make your shop efficient and profitable.

BrakeQuip hose manufacturing systems solve the replacement part nightmare, giving you the flexibility and convenience of making and testing any brake or clutch hose on the spot. All hoses made with our brake and clutch hose manufacturing equipment conform to international safety standards. Whatever vehicle requires a hose, from the family sedan to industrial forklifts, you can provide the correct hose — fast. BrakeQuip hose manufacturing systems require very little training, so brake and clutch hose service can become a part of your business immediately.